Year: 2018

Tips for Lobby Signs for Your Business

Lobby signs are mostly taken for granted but, in reality, they are crucial for a good first impression on clients and customers. It is a simple fact that there is only one opportunity for a first impression. Experts say that first impressions are made in a few seconds, 7 to be precise. For most businesses, […]

Use of Funny Safety Signs at Your Workplace

Safety signs are all over the place, but they lose steam with the passage of time. To keep message memorable and fresh, you can add dollops of humor to the safety signs. Laughter is a great ploy (preventable medicine) to help keep the workplace safe for employees and clients. Humorous safety signs are an effective […]

What Are ADA Stipulations For Parking Space?

The ADA (Americans with Disability Act) of 1990 offers guidelines to stop discrimination against persons with physical or mental disabilities. The law extends the protection of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to the handicapped. This law has a broad scope covering areas as wide as employee rights and parking space regulations. Here are some parking […]

Why and How of ‘Vehicle Wraps’

Vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps are not exactly part of traditional advertising. It is not the conventional way though it is a 24×7 mobile billboard with high impact. The importance of vehicle wraps can be understood by a few facts. As regards a medium city like Cincinnati, a car wrap can provide 1000 to 2500 […]

Designing the OM Signs and Graphics Brand Identity

I partnered with SignBiz to develop a Brand Identity and logo system for OM Signs and Graphics. As a designer, I always look forward to working with clients that are passionate about their business. Vinay and Urmila brought wonderful energy and excitement to the design process and put a lot of thought and care into […]