Innovation from OM Camp

New and Innovative Customizable Signage Solutions

Are you looking for something different and latest in signage and graphics? Are you very keen on differentiating your business and branding? Are you an early adopter of new technology and trends? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the section for you! This is where we highlight new and unique products and services in signage and visual communication that can add value to your business and brand. Most of these items also solve a problem, like magnetic receptor material that makes it simple to change out posters, menu boards, and promotional materials. If you are looking for some media to communicate a message which also could be easily changed out in the future, this solved their problem. Or like the Light tape, which can create an illuminated effect without installing an expensive electrical setup.

Let us know if you’d like more information, samples or a proposal. We’d love to work with you!

Magnetic Signage

The magnetic receptor media solution makes it cost effective and easy to change out menu boards, promotional posters, and key visuals. It includes the magnetic material that attaches to a wall and the magnetized media material that can be printed to create vibrant graphics.

Ask for a demonstration and free sample.

Light Tape

With innovative technology of Light Tape®, coupled with High definition graphics print, now anything can be brought to light. From the Reception desk to Store Front Signage to Vehicle wraps, with Light Tape, it can be made very distinctive and stand out. Check with our team to get more details on how to lighten up your signage or display wraps and make you standout.

Cool Acrylic Application Builds

With some wild thinking and correct technology, some cool buildouts can be created with Acrylic and backlit application. We have some really cool stuff to offer which can bring the best out of a reception area or front entrance of a building.