Sign industry can be very complex to navigate through, but we at OM Signs and Graphics strive to make the process simple for our customers. First, we would like to know everything about your unique business, as every industry has its own language, so we can help you with the right fit for final product selection.

In order to make you feel fully confident and comfortable in the processes we employ to get your project done, we also provide you with a plethora of educational resources, allowing you to learn and understand more about your project. While we will handle the complicated parts of the job for you, we also make every attempt to educate you about our business. We’ve collected several resources and have posted them here to help you feel comfortable with speaking our language. Browse this section to find common questions, helpful hints about completing projects, marketing ideas, application tips and tricks and a glossary of terms. If there’s anything we’ve missed, Ask a Question so that we can provide even more information. You are also welcome to make a suggestion or add to our glossary of terms to make it more robust and resourceful to others as we strive to make this complex industry more user friendly to navigate.