Ceiling Signs

Ceiling Signs: When the place gets busy, suspended Signs comes in handy!

Also known as suspended ceiling signs, they are ideal for way-finding and designating areas. Because of the height of their installation, they are very useful in busy places catering to large crowds, such as conventions centers, trade shows, and shopping malls.


Proper signage will allow people to move around the area and meet their goals more easily, whether they are browsing through the area, shopping, meeting friends, looking for specific information or product or simply going for a lunch. Ceiling signs can be used to convey the information to your visitors where they can find the restrooms, restaurants, information desks, specific meeting place, or informative emergency exit plans.


With our years of combined experience in the sign industry, we can bring the expertise to help you find the best and most optimized locations for your signs. If you need consultation on how many signs you need or where to locate them for most optimized value or how they should be installed for the best effect, look no further. Pick up the phone or send us a quick note for a free consultation on your next Ceiling Suspended Signage project!

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