Direction Signs

Directional Signs: Don’t get lost, get found with proper directional Signs!

Way-finding signs play an important part in our lives, and many of us possibly don’t even know it. Way-finding signage helps direct us through large complex environments like cities, stadiums, transportation systems, healthcare and education buildings, malls, office centers and museums, just to name a few.

Way-finding is best designed and built with a strategy and a system. When planned properly, the wide variety of signs, maps, and directories help guide people to their ultimate destination in an efficient manner.

Identification, direction, information and even warning signs are key parts of any Way-finding system.

Another important factor in designing Way-finding signage is to incorporate your company’s brand standards so that the entire building or complex becomes a ‘brand experience’ for all who visit and work there.

Also, all Wayfinding systems should be compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Not only is it important, but the law, and in some cases, penalties can be levied if not in compliance.

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