Front Desk Signage Styles

Front Desk Signs

Front Desk Signs: Make the First Impression count!

The essentials of a business include making a mark on your visitors. Once they leave your establishment they should remember the brand you represent. You can attract the attention of your present and potential consumers as we bring you out a personalized design for your reception that fits your company’s brand. Front desk should be appealing and quickly recognized by visitors, and we have signs to help make that happen!

When you have a walk in consumer, reception signs often offer a huge return on investment. As it can upgrade your brand identity. We offer a large range of customizing options that can make your sign solution match your aesthetics and business décor. Reception sign options that make a powerful visual statement like black –lit illuminated reception signs or a stud mounts installation that gives your sign a professional approach you can choose from a variety of color combinations, fonts, and styles.


Types of Signs

Many signs can assist with the identification and location of a front desk. Some of those include:

  • Hanging Signs.
  • Wall Signs.
  • Post Signs.
  • Portable Signs.
  • A-Frame Signs.
  • And More!

With our team on hand, you can never go wrong! Make that call today and get it right, the first time!

Creating Engagement with Interactive Signage

What file types are best for images used in dynamic signs?

Photos and still images are preferred in RGB format. CMYK images are intended for print, and sometimes do not translate well to RGB, depending on the content.

For our video projects, still images are accepted in the following formats:
PhotoShop (.psd) – flattened or layered (preferred)
JPEG (.jpg)

What size image/video/graphics are needed for the videos?

Video/Photo/Still Image submissions for inclusion in your video should be provided in a resolution AT LEAST as large as the video resolution you’re ordering, in order to maintain adequate clarity in the final product. For example, if you’re ordering a Pre Fix video that will be 1280×720, your provided video/photo/still image assets should be AT LEAST 1280×720 in resolution. If ordering a Completely Custom video at 1920×1080, your provided assets should be AT LEAST 1920×1080. Videos ordered at 854×480 will need your provided assets to be AT LEAST 854×480. It is always better to provide photos and still image artwork larger than necessary so it can be cropped or resized as needed in your final video production. Remember, we can always reduce the image size, but making it larger can result in a loss of quality.

What Video File Formats are Best?

MP4/H.264/AVCHD is fine, good, and in many cases preferred. These are easy to obtain from most cameras. MOV (QuickTime) files are also acceptable, WMV files are good. MPEG2 could be problematic, so contact us and we can check your file for suitability. All of these file types are uploadable, as file submissions for your order. Anything else, such as AVI files, which are massive and should NEVER be uploaded, can be mailed. Any other file delivery media, or physical formats, please contact us!

Leader in Providing Dynamic Signage Solution

Do you know, OM Signs and Graphics can help you spice up your Front Desk area with very engaging dynamic signage solution? With our LOBBYPOP® PRO dealership and exclusive rights, we have the expertise to help you stand out from the competition. We produce platform-agnostic HD content for screens for some 20 vertical markets and can offer the most reliable and trusted new technologies for media players, commercial displays and software deployment from the cloud. Or use locally, it is all in your hands!

Please visit our Dynamic Signage section for more details. Here is a quick snapshot on what we can offer you in this arena:

Our unique LobbyPOP content system provides the nation’s first compelling, true-to-the-market, cinema-quality experience for small businesses. It is ideal for applications in business lobbies, waiting rooms, hotels, banks and retail shops. Our prices will blow you away! Get approved, log in, and enjoy!

This amazing software is the #1 Choice of Sign Professionals! It is easy for a graphics professional to create stunning layers and blend in all of today’s best tools: From HD video and weather forecasts, to Twitter feeds and news tickers! This is the power behind Costco, Chuck E Cheese, Fitness Connection, Target, Dillard’s and hundreds of others.

The best name brand commercial displays, from LG to Samsung, Peerless to Premier, you can enjoy the very latest technologies with wholesale prices to the trade protection. And we top it off with stellar consultation services, giving you the know-how to get the installation done, right!

Use Case for Dynamic Signage Solutions

Looking for a quality Sign Company for your Interior Signage project?

In 1989 LobbyPOP® was the first entity in the digital sign industry to go dynamic!