Well Set Decorated Wall Mural

Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics: Utilizing Blank Space for a Visual Concept that Demands a Long-Lasting Impression!

One of the best ways that any business can increase its visibility, is with a high impact visual statement that leaves consumers with a long-lasting impression. Wall graphics work everywhere and it is only limited by the imagination to bring a life to a dull white space. Using business’s name, logo, or both a combination can be designed to convey a clear message or information to a prospective consumer. Our talented and creative design team is always ready to create a one of a kind wall graphic or simply turn an existing logo into a stunning wall graphic that can increase awareness of your brand, and add a decorative element to any space catering to existing or future customers.

Don’t miss an apt opportunity when a current customer or a prospective one is in your facility, to send a message with a high-resolution wall graphic! These sign options are often full-scale wall images available to reiterate your company brand, logo, or aesthetic. A Wall Graphic is the perfect choice when you are looking to leave a memorable mark! Make your Wall Graphic investment yield maximized results.

Trusting in the Professionals

Once you have decided on the design that best suits your needs, you can count on our professional designers to provide a premium product for your space to bring it to life. With our latest printing technology, environment-friendly latex printing inks, we can have your graphics ready quickly, with minimal drying wait time. Once the construction of the Wall Graphic is completed, our experts will install it in the location of your choice. The overall effect of your completed wall mural will wow the consumers who come through your doors, and give them an image that leaves your business on their minds!

Most Common Uses for Wall Graphics

A Wall Graphic is a fantastic way to create a “photo” opportunity area at any event. Create an area for attendees to snap a selfie or show their red-carpet style with your company’s logo in the background.

Wall Graphics can be used to convey the Company mission, vision statement or simply add a flow chart.

The restaurant industry is fast-paced and many successful restaurants are as obsessed with their look and feel as they are with their food. Wall Graphics from OM Signs and Graphics are an effective way of building brand notoriety for your eatery without breaking the bank.

Doctors’ and Dentists’ offices can be stressful places for kids. Why not design a fun, friendly and colorful waiting area just for them? Bright and cheery Wall Graphics can help put them at ease. They are also useful for posting notices that you want each patient to be aware of, such as prescription medicine practices or no-show warnings.

Directional wall graphics will ensure that it’s easy to find the way to the booth, or an emergency exit.

Wall graphics can be used for restrooms, including ADA compliant notices of where a wheelchair accessible bathroom is located.

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