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All the Best and Nothing Else!

Back in Sep 2017 when OM Signs team got to gather for brainstorming on creating a virtual presence for the company, the first thing on the table was to decide if the team was going to build the website in-house or outsource to experts. After registering for the domain name, team after an elaborate thought process decided to build the company’s website in-house. The decision was taken so that as the team builds page by page everyone on board can get the idea of what this business venture entails. Thus, began the journey within. The team finalized a template by late September and by Nov 15th, 2017 the Website https://www.omsignsinc.com was up and running, an achievement team celebrated with a zeal.

Original Website as Launched in Nov 2017

But the euphoria was short-lived as the team started using the site internally, every now and then members realized that the template was too restrictive, too much customization has gone in to cater to different aspects of supporting the business needs, that any deviation was tough and time-consuming. Everyone was in dilemma but since a lot of effort had already been poured in, most everyone was of the opinion to keep moving forward. But the frustration started to become too visible, and one fine morning Udit, the multimedia director got up said, let’s change. The team went into silence mode and on the weekend, with a hope that Monday morning will dilute the impact and it will be business as usual. But that was not to be, seeds were already sown and come Monday everyone came back with a single spell, this is not the best and we will not rest. Hence the original website was gutted, just plain gutted and trashed, no one asked any question, nor anyone was interested in wasting any time arguing about it. We all went back to drawing board and started fresh, this time everyone was better equipped due to the learning curve. The team finalized the template by Jan 3rd and Jan 25th the new version of the site was not only ready, but it was all the things team was looking for.

Relaunched Website on 25th Jan 2018

The moral behind the story is that from the beginning, OM Signs’ team has inculcated in its DNA one of the foundational pillars of All the Best and nothing else. What that translates to is that when we as a team take up a project we will do all in power to deliver the best, but if for some reason the end product is not to the satisfaction, we will not hesitate to take it apart and start fresh until we achieve what we have set for…….. All the Best and Nothing Else! We are determined to display the same zeal in every work we undertake no matter how small or big the job is, if it is not to the satisfaction it will be redone to get it right until it is right.

All the best and nothing else is just not a slogan, for OM Signs it’s just a normal way to work. With this foundation as OM Signs begins its journey, everyone on the team does realize that the journey will bring its own set of challenges and with every challenge there will be opportunities. All we seek now is that when we get faced down with a hurdle or roadblock, that there is a blessing of our elders, support of our peers, and love of our youngers!

All the Best and Nothing Else….. let the journey began.

This Article is dedicated to complete OM Signs Team – Vinay Bhandari, Urmila Bhandari, Udit Khandelwal, Hamendra Singh, Neha Bhandari and Teresa Young.