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Visibility & Clarity is as Important as Quality & Size for an Impact

There is no question that the technology has come full circle with handheld GPS devices. Getting from point A to point B today is a non-event, just pull up the device and give the destination and the global positioning takes you through the best possible option with turn by turn navigation. But technology can only take up to a point, still, physics takes over the satellite transmission. I ran into a situation yesterday, where a customer of mine working

Attached Signs

from home had to meet me to discuss the next project. He asked if I need directions, and as a proud owner of a highly sophisticated GPS Device (aka iPhone), I told him to text me his address and I will be at his location at the appointment time. When the time came I entered the address and as expected system told me the estimated arrival time, despite usual traffic on my route. So, I got going and was in his neighborhood as per the estimate of the directional device, and it proudly announced, “You have arrived”. And Arrived I did, but I could not locate the address.

See the problem the sub-division had house numbers in black and on the garage

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door side, there is no way it can be read on a dark evening. I spent 20 mins, to locate myself and of course, I was late for the appointment, and as you can imagine frustrated. And then it dawned on me, how frustrating this could be for all the customers who try to reach a particular vendor, or service provider or a merchant. This particular situation could have been completely avoided by a simple solution to have the attached sign or address signs stand out. One of the solutions OM Signs can provide is a Light Tape®. With a reflective Light Tape, attached to or around the sign, it could have made stand out and easy for a person to read from a distance without being a distraction for the neighborhood.

Don’t let your customers out there wondering how to get to you. In this competitive world, it’s already hard to acquire a customer and retain them, don’t let “finding you easily” be one of the reason. One of the easiest ways to ensure people can find and locate you easily is to walk to the path. Just take GPS on one hand and one of the possible routes to get to your location and see how easy was it to get and locate you. If you had to stop to look or ask for direction, you know you have a problem.

We at OM Signs specializes in creating an ambient and impactful Address & Attached signs in many shapes and sizes. Connect with your friends at OM Signs to see if we can help you clear that unclear paths and help your customers locate you with ease and no stress. Who knows with difficulty in locating your competitors some customers may find it easy to switch to you, since you are so easy to work with, a complete win-win!