September 08 2018 0Comment

Utilize a well planned Graphic to Call for Action!

Impactful Message on Elevator Graphics

A few days back one of my friends shared this picture, and I got into thinking what a clever way to get some basic call for action and create a reminder. In any office building or merchant location with multiple floors, an elevator is a non-separable entity. Every patron at some point or other has to use that to use that elevator to navigate, be it trying to go to a meeting, cafeteria or simply getting to a destination point. This gives a clear chance and apt opportunity to create that 30 seconds elevator pitch. With some cool elevator graphics, it’s a brilliant idea to create an attraction and at the same time convey the message.

In this particular instance, the Organization was trying to remind everyone about the system security and how they can take some simple steps to secure their account. With a brilliant thoughtful combination of colors and graphics, it was no doubt an eye-catching situation, where everyone who was taking that elevator must have read it at least once. Take that elevator 3-4 times a day and that message is now imprinted in your head. With this being repeated multiple times, everyone is compelled to take an action, hard to ignore! right!

Do you have a business or location where you can utilize the Elevator Graphics, but don’t know how?