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Use of Funny Safety Signs at Your Workplace

Safety signs are all over the place, but they lose steam with the passage of time. To keep message memorable and fresh, you can add dollops of humor to the safety signs. Laughter is a great ploy (preventable medicine) to help keep the workplace safe for employees and clients.

Humorous safety signs are an effective and innovative way to lessen injuries on the job. As per the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, one of the features of a safety culture is that safety concerns are detectable in the interaction among employees as well as their interaction with the public. Humorous safety signs help create a feeling of cohesion and encourage interaction about safety issues. Another study reveals that using humor in your messages actually enhances retention of information.

Another use of funny safety signs in offices is that they reduce workplace stress. This is a crucial fact. As per a study at Fairleigh Dickinson University, stress takes a heavy toll on profit, productivity, and health. Stress-related conditions account for 75% to 90% visits to healthcare professionals, and every year 60% of workdays lost are due to stress.

The UN organization called ILO described workplace stress as a global epidemic which all businesses need to tackle. Employees under stress tend to make more mistakes, experience trouble in concentrating and tend to grow apathetic about their performance.

But the good news is that there is a powerful alleviant of stress which is also easy to come by, namely laughter. Apart from preserving the welfare of your workers, generating laughs has a powerful correlation to make more money. In fact, laughter boosts productivity, creativity and more enduring relationships. This is of importance to an interior sign company in Naperville IL while making funny signs.

 When you are equipped and prepared to handle emergencies when they emerge, you can ensure the safety of your workplace. In sum, there are 4 unique ways workplace safety can be improved by funny signs:

  • Break up the monotony of signs
  • Help people retain information and messages
  • Produce synergy and enhance employee relationships
  • Reduce stress in the workplace.

As regards safety in the workplace, it is good to use well crafted, funny signs. Humor is often the most practical way to convey a crucial message and deliver lasting impact. Employers have come up with clever and funny signs for the safety of visitors, patrons, and workers. But note that humor is most effective when it is backed up by truth or facts and the ideal way to stay safe is to heed warnings, however silly they might be.

Funny safety signs are much in demand whether they are acid leak markers in a mill or fire safety banners in the workshop or signs against bad posture in offices. But it must be noted that such safety signs must not become stale and remain unnoticed.

But, how can you catch the eye of employees, day after day? There are two ways:

  • Keep things fresh by changing the phrases on signs at frequent intervals. Create a buzz around the changing signs. Attempt to change signs at odd intervals (on Tuesday one week and Friday the next week). You can even announce a prize for the first employee who spotted the change in the funny slogan.
  • Create slogans that are interesting and eye-catching. Your run the risk of boring the audience by using run-of-the-mill slogans as well as fail in communicating the idea for which it was conceived.

These are all some facts about using funny safety signs in the workplace.