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Tips for Lobby Signs for Your Business

Lobby signs are mostly taken for granted but, in reality, they are crucial for a good first impression on clients and customers. It is a simple fact that there is only one opportunity for a first impression. Experts say that first impressions are made in a few seconds, 7 to be precise.

For most businesses, the first impression is made by a lobby sign. Lobby sign is mostly the first way clients deal with your business, and hence, with a boring, unattractive lobby sign, which does not reflect your brand authentically, clients may get a bad impression about you. You can depend on interior sign company in Naperville IL to advise you on changing your lobby signs.

Tell Tale Signs

The following are the signs that your lobby sign needs a revamp:

  • Your lobby sign is worn and faded

In spite of how successful and strong your business is, a worn and faded lobby signs is bad news. People make this negative judgment within seconds.

  • ‘Old school’ rather than ‘retro’

While retro is a popular trend, old school is a totally different story. The latter means that the business is living in the past. It will not hold up to competition like that from stylish and dynamic backlit lobby signs.

  • Inaccurate lobby signs

This is a no-brainer. In case, your lobby sign is not accurate or relevant to your business, you must change it ASAP. Inaccurate information sends a wrong message to your clients.

Tips for Great Lobby Signs

The modern sign industry has new methods and technologies for creating unique and beautiful lobby signs. But it does take some expertise, equipment, and creativity to make amazing lobby signs.

The following are some tips for designing your signs:

  • Color:

The color used must reflect your brand identity. Several companies specify color matches to ensure that the shade of the sign is specific to their need or liking. When the company asks for orange-red, if the sign is created in violet red, it will impact the customer in a different way. Particularly with lobby signs, it is vital that the color of your sign matches your brand image.

  • Material

Most modern, new materials provide lighter and less expensive options compared to expensive and heavy manufactured signs. Also, custom signs can be made from various materials based on factors like humidity, sun fading, height, etc.

  • Textures

The sign can become interesting by adding a variety of textures. For instance, different effects can be created by stone/ marble/fabric, etc. Also do not be diffident about using natural material like brick or slate for a rustic feel. Add black painted metal or stainless steel for a contemporary touch.

  • Size

Ensure that the size of the sign is suitable for the settings. Oversized signs will dwarf the area and signs which are too small may be neglected or seem unimportant. Note that when you skimp on the size of your lobby sign, it will impact the perception of your brand.

These are some of the facts about using the right type of lobby signage.