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Significance of Lighted Signage For Your Shop

Every business announces itself in a variety of ways. Some shout it from the rooftops, and these are the ones to which everyone flocks. Some whisper about their business, and it is lost in the wind. A store or business that does not have a bold, bright sign is whispering, and you can see how people walk past to another store. It is time to take down your old sign and put a new one up in its place.


Keep Tabs on Your Store Signage

You may have signage for your store. But, are you sure that it is the one that you want? Here are some things you have to keep a watch for:

  1. People do not look up at your sign anymore – The store sign is faded and peeling. No one is interested in this kind of appearance. It is time to make your sign bright and attractive.
  2. You have a wrong sign up – There is a change in the name, but you are persisting with the old one. Dealers will get the wrong impression that you do not care about your business anymore.
  3. Using an old type of sign – This might appeal to certain people, but it is good if you keep up with the times. If the shop next to yours has a bright, lighted sign, it is time you also got one.


Emergence of Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signage is the face of the future. We see it in the dark more clearly than in the daytime, and that is the time when everyone is relaxed and in the mood for shopping. It is the best way to capture the attention of a potential customer. Contrary to popular belief, these signs do not require constant maintenance. It keeps burning without complaints for years at a stretch.


Choice of Signs Available

In most cases, it costs lesser than standard signage with lighting. After all, you are investing in a light bulb only. You cannot only make different words, but you can also choose different colors and bulb sizes. This sets you apart from the crowd. Your store will look new, bright, and unique. You can choose from a wide range of offerings:

  • Billboard advertising.
  • Standout lettering.
  • Logo and name display.
  • Event signage.
  • Shop entrance signage.
  • Business posters.
  • Ceiling lettering.
  • Wall banners.

Typical LED lights will use only 13 watts of power. This makes them economical by many folds. They also have an incredibly long life. They last for 5-10 times as long as ordinary light bulbs.

Ordinary light bulbs will burn out, and the signs will not look good. LED bulbs do not have this problem. Also, the bulbs are thinner and so they look better. You can use digital flashes and animations to make customers attracted to your business.

We customize the signage in any way you like. We are one of the leading sign making companies Naperville has. You get all types of signs your business could want including painted ones, creative banners and graphics, and lighted signboards. Contact us for information!