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Facts & Stats of Business Signs

It is quite a common and age-old practice for entrepreneurs of retail business to put up signs on the streets to display the prescience of their retail store or restaurant and to draw in huge customers. However, the modern entrepreneurs in today’s digital age are eager to know if signs still hold that kind of significance that it had for centuries.

Business signs

Acceding to OM Signs, one of the best sign making companies in Naperville, the sign can be a crucial thing for the business. Before investing in one, it will be necessary to know the kind of difference that the sign will make on being placed. The sign is often viewed as a way by the majority to complete the building and make the retail business to appear more professional. It also makes the building to seem prettier. However, what many of the new modern age entrepreneurs are not aware of is the fact that the kind of impact that the sign can have upon the business in the real sense.

Know some statistics and facts about the significance of business signs

The experts do agree that even after the advent of the digital age, traditional business signs do hold good significance to draw in potential customers to the store. It does have a very strong impact on the business and is found to affect directly about consumers visiting the store, making a purchase and much more. The statics given below are quite convincing.

  • Signs are sure to bring in new customers, generate more traffic, the volume of sales and revenue.
  • 76% of all customers are found to follow the signs to enter into a business or store that they never knew about before.
  • About 68% of the consumers are of the belief that the business signage does reflect the service or product quality.
  • Signs are likely to affect the business reputation.
  • Business signs can draw in lots of referrals and recommendations.
  • About 75% of all consumers are said to have recommended it to the others based upon its signage.
  • Around 67% of consumers are said to have purchased something or the other after getting attracted by the eye-catchy signage.
  • The well-designed signs are sure to compel the consumers to purchase!
  • About 60% of customers claim to have not known about the store or business and went to a competing one just because of lack of signage.
  • The precious customer can be lost due to the lack of proper signage.
  • Bad and poorly created signs are sure to keep people out.
  • Approximately 50% of consumers have associated poor signage to be signs of poor quality products and services and avoid entering such stores.

Therefore, the above given numbers and facts are more than enough for the modern entrepreneur to be convinced to visit the sign experts or give them a call to have one created for the retail business, irrespective of the domain it belongs to. The OM Sign experts do conclude that signage is increasingly used sales tool that can prove to be more than useful for promoting the store or business.